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We provide only the very most qualified, experienced and professional knowledge based consultants. Directors of Intelligent Directions Consulting have decades of experience in business and technical fields. We also have a network of specialist subcontractors who we have worked with in the when we propose an additional specialist we know that they will also provide quality service.

Partner Directors

  • Michael H. Johnson

    Mr. Johnson is the Founding and Managing Director of Intelligent Directions Consulting, LLC. He has over 35 years of accomplished Management, Business and IT/Information Systems consulting experience, providing a variety of professional services, while functioning in many different project roles ranging from Project Manager to Technical Expert to Subject Area Expert. The strong foundation of Mr. Johnson's career was formed over a ten-year period when he worked for UNISYS (Sperry UNIVAC) and Deloitte (DH&S/TR), and their customers. With more than two decades of independent consulting experiences since then, he has continued to build a tremendous knowledge base, and has completed many successful projects. In 2019 he is launching our new Personal Financial Consulting practice, offering focused and researched annuities (and other products) to mitigate individual client long-term cashflow risk.

    In the private sector, Mr. Johnson has worked in the regulatory worlds of aerospace and medical manufacturing, and has consulted to various companies in the business areas of accounting, software, technology, and sports management. In the public-sector, he has directed many projects for state and local courts (most case types), law enforcement agencies, assessor and tax collection agencies, state health and welfare agencies (IV-A, CSES, WIC, MMIS). This broad set of experiences provides Mr. Johnson with the ability to quickly identify and work pragmatically through mission critical issues, from both the business and technical perspectives.

    Mr. Johnson's project and client efforts have provided helpful consulting expertise targeted at; strategic planning, marketing, project management, project QA, budgeting, cost/benefit analysis, valuation, procurement, system requirements analysis, business workflow analysis, business process re-engineering, several CASE tools, process modeling techniques, data modeling, data exchange/EDI, software package and system selection, and system implementations. Mr. Johnson is often selected to play the lead role for many of these projects. He has also developed and taught several classes for many of the specific IT/Information Systems design disciplines.

    Project complexities can occur when multiple departments and agencies are engaged to work with one or more private vendor/service provider companies, and this is well understood by Mr. Johnson. Often the project stakeholders in these environments require formal vendor and project monitoring/QA, which is also a specialized service area that Mr. Johnson provides, which is based in part on the formal Management Study and Review, EDP Auditing and IT Methodology experience and training obtained while working with Deloitte.

    Mr. Johnson has a Master of Business Administration from California State University, and a BS in Business Administration/Computer Info Systems from Arizona State University. He is/has been a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) and the National Association for Court Management (NACM). He is licensed to sell insurance annuity, life, and Medi-Gap products in California and other states.

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